**CONTEST GIVEAWAY: Pockets of Fun & Sandwich Pins!

As an art director, I get tons of promotional emails from various artists on a daily basis. While sifting through the inbox recently, something caught my eye; artist/illustrator Emilio Santoyo’s pocket pouches! A clever branding of his website, emiliospocket.com, the pockets come in either solid colors, plaid or stripes, and either an arrow or bird ink spot design. The best part is that Emilio lines his pockets with a different material and adds a surprise inside; anything from marbles, small pencils, small comic, random keys, drawings, paintings, maybe even money!

While the pocket caught my fancy, I am also a fan of his sandwich felt pins (I have an obsession with fake food).

Shown here, the Turkey Provolone Sandwich pin. How cute is that?! These whimsical items are a sure way to brighten up your day.

And now, Emilio’s giving you a chance to win one of his art pieces! Just post your answer to the contest question (What is the worst/weirdest gift you’ve ever gotten?) in comments. Good luck; can’t wait to see your answers!

  1. Beegi said:

    One year I was given a ancient massager not the vibrator kind. it totally gave me a backache

  2. definitely this odd/ musical/ bear/ christmas/ dollhouse thing that an in law gave us for the wedding

  3. ChingYi said:

    The book Don Quixote, it was from someone I was seeing at the time and he loved the story. To me that’s the worst gift when someone gives you a giant 2000 page classic they love instead of something they think you might like 🙂

  4. diana said:

    one year i was given a hair doll, made of real human hair. um, thanks.

  5. Brittany Walker said:

    My worst gift would probably have to be NOTHING. But it seems like I get that gift over and over again. Is it me?

  6. Leebs said:

    when i was leaving tokyo to move to shanghai, my friends bought me a model hand sex toy of a famous porn star in japan that was known for his finger strength. they asked that i bring this to shanghai with me and take a picture of it in front of some well known monument as proof. well, since all my stuff was shipped a week earlier to shanghai, i only had space in my suitcase…. and let me tell you, it was pretty awkward answering questions to customs about the hand in chinese while everyone behind me was irritated about the hold up.

  7. Claudine said:

    Everyone knows that we are the modern type, for a wedding gift we got a serving dish that was a combination rococo brass bowl, about 12 inches, with bas relief grapes, on a 14 inch crystal stand, with a marble base and dangling chandelier crystals around the edge, and it was a regift. We laughed so hard we cried. It’s been over 37 years and it’s my most memorable wedding gift. Luvu Wendy

  8. Hilary said:

    one time, and this was a long time ago, my ex boyfriend gave me a navy polyester button down with mushrooms all over it. but that wasn’t the weird part. recently, i’ve seen photos of him wearing it on myspace, which leads me to believe he stole said gift or is a cross dresser. haven’t decided which is worse.

  9. Kevin said:

    A brass etching/carving of a lion was one wedding present that stayed in the box. It has not seen the light of day since it was first opened.

  10. KB said:

    A couple years ago my sister re-gifted me a “slanket” that had her job’s logo on it.

  11. Belinda said:

    a box of readymade pasta. well actually a bulk box.

  12. dav said:

    Worst gift every xmas is from my uncle that’s an engineer for NASA. Its just pamphlets and materials from the Space Shuttle visitor center. It wasn’t even wrapped up or anything.

    You’d think being connected to the space program the swag would be cool …

  13. Shea said:

    My mom’s boyfriend at the time gave us a set of multicolor wooden sugar, flour and coffee canisters as a wedding gift. They were made by his brother-in-law so we felt we had to display them when he visited. It got tricky though because he kept adding to the collection for birthdays/Christmas. I was kind of glad when they broke up. The set went straight to Goodwill! 😉

  14. Julia Luckett said:

    Every Christmas, birthday, Easter, Valentine’s day my aunt continues to buy everyone in my family stuff from the paid programming on TV. The most useless of all the things on the shows- not even bad 80s music or kitchen cutlery. One time she bought me a collection of beanie babies that all had an
    “american” theme to them. While I liked beanie babies when I was in kindergarden, I was 15 at the time. And that is only the beginning of her pointless gift stories. We all fear what she may give to us.

    Julia Luckett

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