New Object of Lust: Harajuku Lovers Cutie Satchel

There are some amazing savings at sample sales! The only problem is, when you start buying “great deals” in volume, your pocket still runs dry. Yep, my fashion obsession comes with a price tag :\

Recently I was at a L.A.M.B./Harajuku Girls/kidrobot sample sale via Savvy & Co. where I exercised my restraint muscles and didn’t buy half their merchandise. But I still came away with my new object of lust, a carrot-colored Harajuku Lovers Cutie Satchel!

I LOVE it; I’ve been rocking it every day since I got it! Its bright color and puffy, shiny patent leather-like material makes me feel like a cartoon character carrying a bubble bag. I guess I do kind of feel like a Harajuku Girl!

For $15, compared to its regular price tag of $88, it’s virtually guilt-free. Did I mention I just LOVVVE this bag??

Here’s a preview photo from an upcoming post which features the bag as an accessory. Stay tuned folks!

  1. Vinda said:

    yes, that bag is really adorable, very harajuku! 😉

  2. Love it Wen… Love your Blog it’s amazing sweetie. Happy New Year.

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