snow + vintage leopard print

This photo essay was inspired… by SNOW! Two Sundays ago, my grimy, industrial neighborhood, Bushwick, went from wasteland to wonderland after being blanketed with over 15 inches of white, glistening snow! Everything looked peaceful, clean and innocent, if only for a moment…

My outfit is centered around my vintage faux fur leopard print hood. A very chic way to keep warm, as I spent the earlier part of my day outdoors, enjoying the altered views.

At Battery City Park in Manhattan earlier in the day…

Back in Bushwick, my neighborhood…





Check out the gorgeous detail on the side of the leopard print hood! The vintage red VW van is awesome too.

Vintage faux fur leopard print hood from ebay, sunglasses from shop in NC, H&M faux fur coat, IZOD gloves, Harajuku Lovers bag, Highway Jeans.

Photos: Steve “beegi” Halpern

  1. dav said:

    haha, nice animations.

    No snow angles? Oh well I’m sure there’s more snow on the way to Ny!

  2. Happy belated birthday shonshon! You picked some good ones Wen, love it!!! Congratulations

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