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Recently, Gasmask Facemasks and I connected on Twitter. Once I checked out their website and saw their product, I was hooked. A mask that’s going to keep me warm in cold sub-zero weather, with cool, fun graphics on it; I would definitely rock one of these on the slopes!

Gasmask Facemasks is the brainchild of owners Joseph Shubat and Kyle Sartorelli of MIAD (Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design), who is also the artist. They have some exciting things in the works: Currently, Gasmasks is a proud official sponsor of Timberline Lodges Olymptricks rail jams at Mt. Hood in Oregon. For next year, Gasmasks will be sponsoring a rider on the U.S. Olympic Snowboard team for the 2010-2011 season, a friend of Joseph’s; they’ve been riding together since he was 11 years old! Look out for their logo on his board.

In the meantime, Gasmasks is giving you a chance to snag one of their facemasks. There’s three great designs to choose from: the GasMask!, Cid Vicious! (my personal fav) and Doobie!. Just leave a comment in answer to the contest question: What song or album is a MUST on your playlist when you hit the slopes (or just makes you want to jump around)?

Listen, I won’t judge you on your taste in music. I just thought it’d be interesting to share everyone’s music selections; you might end up with some new music on your playlist! The winner will be picked randomly from a draw.

Don’t get left in the cold, ladies and gents, enter now. Also, pass the word along to anyone who might be interested. Good luck!

**For those who don’t snowboard, it’ll keep you warm and toasty in the winter chill! Goggles not included


I’m going to Lake Tahoe at the end of February; just booked tickets this week!…WHOOHOO!

When I first moved to NY, I befriended two skate rats, Marcus and Roman, who introduced me to one of my great passions: snowboarding. Fresh air and speed; a refreshingly irresistible combo for me! I’ve mainly been riding on the east coast, at local NY mountains Hunter and Wyndham, with the occasional trip to Vermont. The Tahoe trip will be my first west coast venture; I’m looking forward to some POWDER!!

So with thoughts of shredding in mind, I put together these collages; what I’d buy if I had the money for new gear!

As much as I love great style, do keep in mind that when you buy snowboarding gear, style is secondary; quality and function should come first! You don’t want to have the outfit that looks cool, but isn’t waterproof enough, is uncomfortable or falls apart after a few wears.

For first time buyers, click here for tips on buying outerwear, as well as resources for buying a board.

Snowboarding can get pretty expensive, with jackets and pants each averaging $100-300 a pop and a board from $150-500, not to mention the other extras. So if this is your first or second time riding, if possible, borrow a friend’s clothing, gear and/or rent equipment (boots + bindings + board). Make sure you love it before spending that cash and when you do, invest well! Ebay and Craigslist are good sites to find used/discount gear. Also, there’s a lot of mid-season sales going on right now.

As for anyone in the NYC area who’s interested in snowboarding, I’m always looking for fellow riders who want to hit the slopes with me! So hit me up if you’re into it. 🙂


Hey readers, so as you can see, Tawnya Schultz, the associate editor of Snowboard Magazine, sent me a gracious response to my post about the Buying a Board article and the First Layers fashion spread. Apparently, as a fellow female snowboarder, she is also frustrated by the editorials.

Again, I reiterate, I have NO beef with male editors overseeing a women’s interest pub, but guys, I gotta say, it’s really good to get some female opinion, to keep things in perspective. In other words, get Tawnya’s two cents! And put more women on your staff, while you’re at it!

Curiously, no word from the writer of the article, senior editor, Nate Deschenes, but I welcome comments if he wishes to do so. I still can’t say I’ve changed my mind about that article. NOT AT ALL…

Thanks again Tawnya; I’m really glad we heard from you. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the next edition of the Women’s Annual!

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