Happy 2010!

(1st Avenue L train Station, NYC… Phantom of the Opera meets Fame meets fetish party)

HAPPY 2010 everyone! For New Year’s Eve, I almost stayed in, due to tight freelance work deadlines. However, around 10pm I decided, fuck it, time for a break! So I dressed quickly, pulled my camera out and headed into the city to document some fun New Year’s Eve moments and cool fashion looks.

Here are some photos from my friends Mary, Jessica and Simba’s party…

The lovely hosts Mary, Jessica and our friend ChingYi.

I’m totally digging Justin’s brown fedora, striped scarf and black-patterned shirt combo.

I know Minnie will kill me if I showed her expression in this one, but check out the necklace!


Bold look on the subway; note the funky finger gloves and matching umbrella!

Ran into this lovely outside my apartment. The print looks floral from a distance,
but up close, it has an interesting pixelated/crochet-like detail. Photos: shonshon8

Here’s to a great year of fashion and creativity! xoxo, shonshon8

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  1. Happy New Year, glad to see the harsh storm didn’t turn everyone into bundled up bears.

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