the Lexi Love project

Hey all. So I’ve been busy hustling, being creative and making the buck since ringing in 2010. The new year has already brought along some interesting projects, among them styling a photo shoot/designing a business card for my friend and client Lexi Love.

On the set, Lexi’s job is to take it all off and get it on! However, when it came to styling her, I decided to turn up the glamour, so she looks ravishing, sophisticated, yet oozes sex appeal all at once. It’s not all about in-your-face in the porn industry these days; you want to exude diva power too! Here’s how the business card turned out:

In case you’re wondering, yes I did use my vintage leopard print hood;
it’s an instant-fabulous accessory for any outfit!


Here are some outtakes from the photo shoot, some which may be used for other promo materials. All in all, a fun, experimental project; we’ll definitely get creative again, Love!

Vintage leopard print hood from ebay, sunglasses from
shop in NC, Necessary Objects sweater, IZOD gloves.


Disco leopard print leggings from Harajuku, Toyko, stilettos (Lexi’s).

Necklace, H&M.

Photos: Steve “Beegi” Halpern

Art direction/design/styling: me

  1. david said:

    The shoot looked like a lot of fun. You really harnessed the sex appeal.

  2. pAUL said:

    Lexi is perfect!!!

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