DJ Charly T: substance + style on!

I got a delightful message from my friend Charly the other day: posted an article, describing him as Bangkok’s peace activist DJ: “Mixed in with the funky beats are his trademark MC messages of peace, hope and unity, providing clubbers with a more meaningful musical experience.”

Btw, the photo accompanying the feature is from a photo shoot we worked on together; I styled and art directed while Beegi took the photos. Here are some other slick outtakes from that shoot; oldies but goodies.

Photos: Steve “Beegi” Halpern

Art direction/styling: me

  1. david said:

    Great images, he’s so golden. I like the suit … does he do shows dressed up?

  2. When I’ve seen Charly spin, he’s usually in a tank top or t-shirt; it’s HOT in Bangkok! However, I imagine he rocks a suit every now and then. We were going for the slick, badass aesthetic…

  3. Thanks a ton for the compliments.

    Charly T

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