bubbly + dirty martinis + jazz

I’ve been dying to wear my new Rodarte for Target sequined rib cage dress (scored off ebay after Target sold out); Friday night proved the perfect time for its debut. A few of us at work got comp tickets for an evening of Jazz at the Lincoln Center, so we decided to dress up and have an outing.

The evening started with two bottles of champagne at work, then we headed over to the Empire Hotel for some martinis. It was an uncharacteristically warm January night, so we ended up on the rooftop, which had an awesome neon sign and a STUNNING view of the city; it felt like a movie set!

Then we headed to the Rose Theater at Lincoln Center for the music of Gillespie and Puente. Eventually, the bubbly, dirty martinis and work week got to me and it was time to head home to crash. But all in all, it was a fun night!

Btw, the dress was a hit; I got many compliments from co-workers and random strangers. Paired with my new haircut, the look was described as “movie star” and “rock star” like; I was seriously flattered!

Rodarte for Target dress, silence + noise jacket, Express sweater shrug, vintage purse,
Bijules knuckle [engagement] ring, HUE stockings, We Who See wedge boots.

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  1. Shea said:

    I love that dress!!!

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