Graceland opens! {my stylist’s new salon/tattoo parlor}

My über-talented stylist, Corvette, just opened his new salon in Brooklyn! The salon, a converted motorbike garage, features four vintage barber chairs, three tattoo stations (get a new haircut and get inked!), a piano, turntable and vintage record collection. Also, according to, they hand out scotch too!

Photo: John Von Pamer, from NYTimes T Magazine Blog

I’m picky when it comes to haircuts. I mean, really, REALLY picky. I’m looking for someone who’s extremely creative, yet precise, a professional who can size up my hair type, as well as what works for my face shape and personal style.

For years, I kept trying out various stylists around the NYC area; no one really stuck. I even went through whack experiences where I’ve had bangs cut crooked (unintentionally!) or my ear got snipped by accident!

My search ended when I started going to Corvette at Mudhoney Hair Salon last year; now he’s the only stylist I go to. The guy is a creative genius; you can tell he’s passionate about his work, and the way he handles his shears is art! In addition to the salon, he works fashion week, and has also gone on tour with Madonna to do hair.

Anyways, I am excited about the news and wanted to do a post for his opening today. However, check back later, as I plan to post some pics of favorite hairstyles he’s done for me.

You can read more about his salon and see more photos at NYTimes T Magazine Blog and

To book appointments: 718.384.7677
They’re located at: 677 Lorimer St. (and Meeker Ave.)

Congrats Corvette!

Update: To see my hairstyles, go here.

  1. I’m really excited to try Corvette! How does he do with long, layered hair?

    • My bet is he’ll do wonders with it! I’ve had long layers, bobs, asymmetrical cuts, and the last few months, a handful of short styles. Just tell him what you have in mind (pics always help) and he’ll put his own interpretation into it!

  2. david said:

    Lush interior. Does he do straight razor shaving? Got it done once, for wedding deal. The best shave ever.

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