greatest hits: cool hairdos!

Hey guys, as promised from my post on the new salon, Graceland, I’m posting some pics of cool haircuts I’ve gotten from my stylist, Corvette. I figured, in addition to talking the hype, you should see the actual work! Anyways, I hope this inspires you to experiment with different styles, and of course, if you’re in the NYC area, stop by Graceland!

Asymmetry at its best: an angled bob with asymmetrical bangs. Nikita sweatshirt. At the Brooklyn Museum.

Retains its shape even as it’s growing out! Wonderwoman t-shirt.

My most recent coiff; super short in the back! Kira Plastinina sunglasses, Frost sweater.

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  1. Wow your hair is AMAZING. I’m tempted to get a similar cut at my next appointment in a week… 🙂

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