Update: Snowboard Magazine’s response


Hey readers, so as you can see, Tawnya Schultz, the associate editor of Snowboard Magazine, sent me a gracious response to my post about the Buying a Board article and the First Layers fashion spread. Apparently, as a fellow female snowboarder, she is also frustrated by the editorials.

Again, I reiterate, I have NO beef with male editors overseeing a women’s interest pub, but guys, I gotta say, it’s really good to get some female opinion, to keep things in perspective. In other words, get Tawnya’s two cents! And put more women on your staff, while you’re at it!

Curiously, no word from the writer of the article, senior editor, Nate Deschenes, but I welcome comments if he wishes to do so. I still can’t say I’ve changed my mind about that article. NOT AT ALL…

Thanks again Tawnya; I’m really glad we heard from you. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the next edition of the Women’s Annual!

coming up signs2


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