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Hey all, I’m heading to San Francisco to hang with my friend Howong for a couple of days, then on to Lake Tahoe to snowboard!
I’m sporting my new Betty Rides leopard spring gloves. Roxy hat, Scott women’s goggles, Triple 5 Soul hoody.

Check in, as I may either be inspired to blog while on vacation or will have some adventures and tidbits to share once I return.

P.S. big thanks to Mary for dropping off my other gloves with me this week. Yes, I’m taking TWO pairs with me. With my luck losing gloves/leaving them in people’s cars, it’s good to have back-up!

I love loud, graphic prints! As soon as these funky tights came in the mail,
I worked them into my outfit the next day. Here I am in transit, running errands.


At Angelika Film Center where I saw Crazy Heart, in which Jeff Bridges portrays
a cantankerous country singer. A bittersweet film with no CG, just good ol’ acting.

The sweater is also new too. Btw, the tights were on sale for $7.99 (orig. $18)!
Romeo and Juliet Couture sweater, H&M long-sleeve dress, Urban Outfitter tights, JUMP shoes.

Valentine’s Day means something different for everyone. That said, honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of V-Day. With people I love, every day should be a special day, not just one designated date where I feel pressured to buy a Hallmark card, heart-shaped candy or some fancy, romantic gift to prove my love. I believe in love and passion, but I don’t want my romantic time commercialized or dictated to me. That’s my take on it.

Chinese New Year’s, on the other hand, is awesome! Fireworks, sharing a great, huge Chinese meal with family, getting red money pouches, now that’s something I can get into. I even heard that in China, people get to take a week off to celebrate; lucky!! That’s right, Chinese folks know how to party!

As much as I bitch about Valentine’s Day, I will celebrate it my own way via this post. The inspiration: provocative heart imagery and the color red, which is a lucky color for Chinese people.

And speaking of love, I’ll finally tell you about my latest obsession: The amazing, sexy, gory, bleeding heart necklace you’ve spotted on Lexi Love and me is designed by Miss X:

Miss X Jewellery Division is an accessories label from Australian designers Amelia Arsenic and ZooG, who have their studio in NYC. With a background in graphic design and rock’n’roll (the duo are also in the industrial cyberpunk band Angelspit), the debut range is a fusion of medical imagery with a pop culture twist. Featuring a striking palette of red, black and white, the collection is a heady mix of bleeding hearts & lips, dripping scalpels, nurse crosses and elaborate neo-baroque imagery. The Miss X brand also boasts a cosmetics division, for those that like their colours loud and their makeup fierce.

In addition to the heart necklace I got for the New York Press photo shoot, Miss X Aesthetic Laboratories also gave me a chance to play with different looks from their jewelry, as well as makeup line. Here are the heady results:

Outside in below-freezing weather w/o my silver gloves on!
Miss X heart necklace; silence + noise dress, echo gloves, Kushyfoot tights, We Who See boots.


San Diego Hat Co. knit fedora, Miss X crest necklace, Necessary Objects cardigan,
lucca couture shirt, echo gloves, silence + noise jeans, We Who See shoes.


OK, I don’t want to hog all the jewelry, so I had a couple people step in to model:

Beegi rockin’ the lips! Miss X lips necklace.


Kristina, a.k.a. “K-Jem” rolled through from Toronto.
Miss X scalpel necklace.


Btw, I’m wearing Miss X Loose Eyeshadow in Royally Fucked and Eyeliner in Debaser.
I’ve been looking for a vivid purple eyeshadow and I’ve found it! And yes, the makeup consistency is excellent.
Amelia Arsenic doesn’t fuck around with her makeup line.

The t-shirt image, reinverted to positive.

Alexander McQueen t-shirt, Miss X heart bracelet.

As a style+design blogger, I like to influence trends. However, for inspiration, I also check out other fashion blogs. Here is where I’d like to give a shoutout to, where I first salivated over the crest necklace heard about the MIss X brand. Nubby is an amazing graphic designer and quite the stylish one herself.

Lastly, I’d like to mention another amazing blog I encountered this week,, which belongs to Amelia Arsenic, part of the design duo behind Miss X Aesthetic Laboratories. Here’s where you can read about Amelia’s exploits in fashion and design and get some great makeup tutorials.


Photos: Steve “Beegi” Halpern

P.S. I spent most of my Valentine’s Day/Chinese New Year’s piecing together this post; tell me this isn’t a labor of love!

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