NYPress cover shoot: Behind the scenes with Lexi Love

Hey, so what’d you come here to see? Some raunchy pics? Fashion inspiration? Just curious?? Well, I’ll just show you how it was kickin’ it with Lexi Love while we conducted a photo shoot. Aside from being a porn star, she’s a real person; a vegan, reptile lover, tofutti cuties + oreo monster and a good friend of mine.

Here are some rough cover mock-ups I considered…

These unretouched photos I just loved for different reasons…

Mistress Lexi

Psycho Lexi

Lucy Vonne of sexyblogtime.com hanging out with Lexi between takes.

A serene moment.

Squirt face.

Lexi in the hood. Poor gal; it had to be 20 degrees outside!

Deena & Ozzy gloves. Fashion addicts, more on the heart necklace later this week…

For those of you who haven’t seen the actual cover, click here.

art director + stylist: me

photos: Steve “Beegi” Halpern

1 comment
  1. I love this look behind the scenes of the shoot… I can’t believe Lexi modeled in that weather, you guys rock =)

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