Happy V-day + Chinese New Year

Valentine’s Day means something different for everyone. That said, honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of V-Day. With people I love, every day should be a special day, not just one designated date where I feel pressured to buy a Hallmark card, heart-shaped candy or some fancy, romantic gift to prove my love. I believe in love and passion, but I don’t want my romantic time commercialized or dictated to me. That’s my take on it.

Chinese New Year’s, on the other hand, is awesome! Fireworks, sharing a great, huge Chinese meal with family, getting red money pouches, now that’s something I can get into. I even heard that in China, people get to take a week off to celebrate; lucky!! That’s right, Chinese folks know how to party!

As much as I bitch about Valentine’s Day, I will celebrate it my own way via this post. The inspiration: provocative heart imagery and the color red, which is a lucky color for Chinese people.

And speaking of love, I’ll finally tell you about my latest obsession: The amazing, sexy, gory, bleeding heart necklace you’ve spotted on Lexi Love and me is designed by Miss X:

Miss X Jewellery Division is an accessories label from Australian designers Amelia Arsenic and ZooG, who have their studio in NYC. With a background in graphic design and rock’n’roll (the duo are also in the industrial cyberpunk band Angelspit), the debut range is a fusion of medical imagery with a pop culture twist. Featuring a striking palette of red, black and white, the collection is a heady mix of bleeding hearts & lips, dripping scalpels, nurse crosses and elaborate neo-baroque imagery. The Miss X brand also boasts a cosmetics division, for those that like their colours loud and their makeup fierce.

In addition to the heart necklace I got for the New York Press photo shoot, Miss X Aesthetic Laboratories also gave me a chance to play with different looks from their jewelry, as well as makeup line. Here are the heady results:

Outside in below-freezing weather w/o my silver gloves on!
Miss X heart necklace; silence + noise dress, echo gloves, Kushyfoot tights, We Who See boots.


San Diego Hat Co. knit fedora, Miss X crest necklace, Necessary Objects cardigan,
lucca couture shirt, echo gloves, silence + noise jeans, We Who See shoes.


OK, I don’t want to hog all the jewelry, so I had a couple people step in to model:

Beegi rockin’ the lips! Miss X lips necklace.


Kristina, a.k.a. “K-Jem” rolled through from Toronto.
Miss X scalpel necklace.


Btw, I’m wearing Miss X Loose Eyeshadow in Royally Fucked and Eyeliner in Debaser.
I’ve been looking for a vivid purple eyeshadow and I’ve found it! And yes, the makeup consistency is excellent.
Amelia Arsenic doesn’t fuck around with her makeup line.

The t-shirt image, reinverted to positive.

Alexander McQueen t-shirt, Miss X heart bracelet.

As a style+design blogger, I like to influence trends. However, for inspiration, I also check out other fashion blogs. Here is where I’d like to give a shoutout to nubbytwiglet.com, where I first salivated over the crest necklace heard about the MIss X brand. Nubby is an amazing graphic designer and quite the stylish one herself.

Lastly, I’d like to mention another amazing blog I encountered this week, destroyx.com, which belongs to Amelia Arsenic, part of the design duo behind Miss X Aesthetic Laboratories. Here’s where you can read about Amelia’s exploits in fashion and design and get some great makeup tutorials.


Photos: Steve “Beegi” Halpern

P.S. I spent most of my Valentine’s Day/Chinese New Year’s piecing together this post; tell me this isn’t a labor of love!

  1. Like I said before I love the whole red and black V-day layout! Awesome! I love the way it looks kind of goth but also colorful and vivrant! you are totally kicking booty with the blog! it’s so awesome seeing you do your thang thang! Hey also gotta shout out K-Jeezy and Dr-Delic aka Beegi aka Steve for their contributions! keep it up!

  2. Hey I absolutely love the photos… I’m going to steal them for the Miss X facebook page if that’s ok with you (credited of course)


    • wEn said:

      Hey Miss Amelia Arsenic, yes, you could definitely use those photos. If you could just credit shonshon8.wordpress.com

      Btw, your jewelry + makeup line rocks!!

  3. I came by your page because you were kind enough to stop by mine… wow… this post is my favorite. So many pics… so much inspiration. Loving the jewelry!!!

  4. of course you can always add flowers to any romantic gifts that you can conceive. roses would be nice ~*.

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  6. Great job here. I really enjoyed what you had to say. Keep it up because you definitely bring a new voice to this subject. Not many people would say what youve said and still make it interesting. Well, at least Im interested. Cant wait to see more of this from you.

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