TRAVEL AND BEYOND: San Francisco, a postcard-perfect city {part 1}

Hello San Francisco!

Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Breathtaking view at Marin Headlands.

Introducing Howong.

A tunnel pass in Marin Headlands.

In the tunnel, we encountered an abandoned space that was pitch dark. Howong started
shooting photos and through the camera flash, we discovered graffiti art on the walls.

The view from Howong’s studio balcony. Snow White’s castle against a peaceful hilltop?

Rooftop view overlooking Mission and beyond.

Hanging out in Mission. Love the colorful vibe around town.

Very San Francisco.

Stylish watchdog in Haight Asbury.

What a charming door!


I LOVE San Francisco. It’s a city without the hectic pace, where the landscape is gorgeous, people are friendly and I get the sense that creativity is homegrown and nurtured here. I only had two and a half days in SF, but I packed in a TON of interesting activities while I was in town. It’s as if I lived a fulfilling lifetime in a matter of days!

photos: Howong + me

This post is part 1 of a series of posts about my recent trip out west. For a shopaholic like me, a vacation wouldn’t be complete without a shopping spree! So check back to see unique items I bought, great shops I encountered and random, fun adventures.

  1. Alicia said:

    You’re making me want to go back to The Bay!!

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