3/10 International Day of Awesomeness: Live Art by Shin Tanaka

Wednesday, March 10 was The International Day of Awesomeness, and it was pretty awesome indeed! My friend Minnie and I went to a fun LIVE art show for Shin Tanaka, hosted by New York-Tokyo and Frank’s Chop Shop at B.East in the LES.

Shin’s intricately designed, bold-colored paper and vinyl toys were displayed on candlelit tables and projected on a video screen. Here are some moments from the event.

Me holding one of the paper toys. Note my fascination with cute, well-designed objects!

Artist Shin Tanaka.

That backpack might claw your eyes out!

Later in the evening, Shin dazzled the crowd with his live art session: people wrote their names
on post-its and Shin tagged the names on a yellow canvas. A very interesting progression.

Presto, we have art! (My name’s on there somewhere.)

I met some cool people that night, including BOM76, an original B-boy and graffiti artist. I was very inspired to hear he’s been traveling around the world, living in places like Japan and Korea and collaborating on creative projects; an awesome artist in his own right!

For more info. on Shin Tanaka, check out New York-Tokyo’s interview.
If you want to make one of his paper toys, scroll down to the bottom of Shin’s website for more details or go to New York-Tokyo to download the Tobio snowboarding toy, exclusively created for New York-Tokyo Sports.


The craziest thing occurred at work earlier that day; most of my department showed up wearing blue! We spend SO many hours at work together that somehow we must’ve telepathically notified each other of the color scheme for the day. :X I found this so bizarre that I had to document this.

(from left): me, Monica, Heather, Leslie, Jessie and Mark; photo by Mitch

Hey, it’s Mitch!

Our production department is simply awesome. Why? We ALWAYS get the job done no matter how crazy the deadlines or the multitude of projects we juggle at once. On top of that, everybody is creative and quirky in their own way. Oh yeah, AND we match. Yep, we kick ass!

unless noted, photos: me

Coming soon… SF {part 3}: more shopping + night life
So… the duration of my vacation was a lot shorter than the length of time it’s taking to post about my trip! What can I say? I’ve been busy juggling deadlines at my day job and freelance gigs. However, there’s still more interesting experiences to share, so I plan on posting about the rest of my vacation this week.

  1. Eline said:

    UGH so awesome! I’d seriously kill for that backpack!

  2. kristy said:

    omg! i have that pink bear (gloomy bear!) as a plush. i didn’t know it came as a backpack, how very cute. i dig your blog and your style by the way.

    also, thanks for commenting on my blog. =)

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