Happy Birthday Bearny! {my bro}

Stephen, me and mom. Mom had such GREAT style. Photos by Dad.

Hey Bearny, just wanted to wish you a Super Happy Birthday! Hope you have some great adventures, meet interesting people and have a fulfilling year; may this be your best year yet!!


March 26 is my little brother Stephen’s birthday! He’s on the other side of the world now, living and working in Shanghai, but I wanted to give him a proper shoutout.

We didn’t always get along as kids. There were times when we’d blackmail each other, get into fistfights, or even chase each other around the home with butter knives(!). But then there were sweet stories… he’d be a good sport and play Barbies with me; his doll’s name was always Vanilla… or we’d flip the couches upside down, throw blankets over chairs and pretend we were living in caves… I could write a novel about our misadventures (our poor parents)!

As we grew up, our perceptions of each other changed and our relationship grew. We partied together, went on snowboarding excursions, developed a great friendship. Now we’re super tight, even if we’re separated by 7,000+ miles.


Like many siblings, my brother and I have a special way of communicating. We developed a slang where anything cute or supercool is referred to as “bear” or “shonshon,” which is the phonetic spelling for bear in Mandarin. He’s a main influence in why this blog is called shonshon8. Also, the reason why he’s stuck with the silly nickname “Bearny.”

Bearny, you don’t get Twitter in China due to censorship, but here’s a special screenshot for you.

WOW, this is quite candid of me; I am typically not a mushy person. I suppose absence does make the heart grow fonder. Hope to see you soon, Bearn!

P.S. hey readers, join me on Twitter… let’s start a dialogue and inspire each other…

  1. leeb said:

    thanks bearn, the big 3, 2… what does life bring for me next 😉

  2. Lol, very cute shots. Those are great colors. Happy B-Day!

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