coffee + stripes

Meeting up with Humblaya for dim sum in Chinatown.

H&M sunglasses, Jean Paul Gaultier for Target trench coat,
Tokidoki backpack, Highway Jeans, my favorite, tattered black boots.


Hello everyone. My posts have been sporadic lately due to crazy work deadlines. However, shonshon8 is ALIVE and KICKIN’. That said, here is a quick, spontaneous post with photos taken with an iPhone. Beegi and I were on our way to Chinatown to have dim sum with his bro Humblaya.

I’m thrilled that I can finally afford a Jean Paul Gaultier piece, thanks to the Target collaboration. I like Gaultier’s interpretation of the classic trench coat, with stripe accents. But I do have to criticize the construction of the belt and arm buckles: they don’t fasten very well, so I end up knotting at the waist and tucking the ties at the wrists. Other than that, it fits me well and instantly adds a polished look to my outfit.

Though I’m burning the candles at both ends (and in the middle!), much of the work I’ve been tackling has been creatively gratifying. Thanks to copious amounts of coffee (and caffeinated beverages), I was able to survive the week!

P.S. later that day, I saw Katie Holmes walking out of a store in Union Square with Suri in her arms, being stalked by the paparazzi. Talk about a relentless breed of photographers, knocking people over, cursing passersby in their way, just to get a shot of a celebrity. Sure, I was curious to get a glimpse of her, if just to see what she was wearing (by the way, she was sporting a jean skirt with mary jane pumps and Suri had on cute bunny ears and bunny slippers). But people forget that celebrities are not superheroes; they are human too and want their privacy. My question to you: Are the paparazzi out of control or is this part of a star’s dues for being famous? Let’s hear your comments.

photos: Beegi

  1. yeah you know what the awesomest part of that post is? I can totally see Katie Holmes wearing that jacket wouldn’t it have been funny if they got confused and followed us into have dim sum. It looks great as usual except that one guy in the picture with you! ha

  2. eden said:

    gaultier for target (!!!!!).. gorgeous. looks fantastic on you, love. and you know, the cut-out polo shirt you were wearing in a previous post reminded me of Limi Feu.. either way, you’re heaps of chic.:)


  3. tim said:

    awesome outfit.. i love that sunglass.. really hot!!!

    • Awww, thanks ladies and gents for the awesome comments (blushing)!

  4. great glasses and trench, never seen a trench like that before 🙂

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