TRAVEL AND BEYOND: adventures in Lake Tahoe {part 4}

It’s been almost two months since my trip out west to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, but I wanted to post about my experience in Tahoe. The reasons:

• My recent TRAVEL AND BEYOND posts felt incomplete without including this aspect of my vacation; I needed a “final chapter” to conclude this series.

• OUT WITH A BANG. I get to officially say goodbye to winter and the end of snowboarding season (I’m an east coaster) by documenting moments of my last ride of the season, which by the way, was EPIC!!

• I’d like to encourage more ladies to snowboard. Admittedly, it’s not for the frail or faint of heart; you will bust your ass when you first learn, but it’s SO much fun once you get the hang of it.

So here we go, another postcard moment peppered with fun, action and silly people having a good time. Are you ready??

While driving from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe with Howong and Matt, we got hit by a massive snowstorm. It was HELL to get through, with incredibly slow traffic, so we entertained ourselves by spotting strange license plates. Here is one of them (I kid you not). Another favorite:


When we finally arrived, it was definitely worth it! The views were spectacular, the fresh air invigorating and there was TONS of powdery snow. As an east coast snowboarder who is used to riding icy conditions, this is pure HEAVEN. We spent two days at Sugarbowl rocking out in hoodies under mostly sunny skies.

Clouds move really fast out here. Sunny one minute, snowing the next minute.

Very steep!

We got carried away shredding down the slopes and maniacally whooping in excitement,
so there aren’t many action shots, but here are a few photos of us warming up for the day.

Matt on the slopes doin’ his thang.

The lodge where we stayed, The Alpineer.

The snowbanks on the side of the road are taller than us!

Howong + me.

Howong, a.k.a. Chairman Wong + Matt as ice sculptures.

A vintage photograph at The Alpineer lodge. Yes, women can shred AND be glamorous.


I look back fondly on my San Francisco + Lake Tahoe trip. It was a whirlwind five days, but I packed it ALL in! On my last day in Tahoe, we snowboarded in the morning, then drove back to San Francisco, where I boarded a red-eye flight back to New York so I could get back to my work deadlines. When I landed at 7:30 that morning, I was a hot mess! Looking in the ladies room mirror, I was horrified to see my nose had turned a bright sunburnt red and my eyes almost matched in redness from dehydration and lack of sleep; I looked like the devil’s disciple. But you know what? It was ALL worth it!

photos taken by me, Chairman Wong and Matt

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