my stylish + sassy mom

Funky mom + pops.

Mom + guess who?

Mom… beautiful, sweet, funny, quirky, creative, selfless, determined… wonderful mother, wife and friend… With an AMAZING sense of style; of course I have to continue the style legacy! In loving memory… I miss you mom…

Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. ant c said:

    wow great shots! such a cool style… i actually thought that the first pic with the big white hat was you! i can picture you dressing like that

  2. Ivana said:

    Oh I’m in love with the black and white shots…lemme guess…the glam shot with the animal print is a tearsheet from a fashion magazine…Also another thing…your mom rocked really cool trendy hairstyles and HATS!!!!…hairstyle is always as important as the clothes for the entire outfit…
    hey post more pictures if you have…Im really intrigued by your mom and her style….Luv it!!!

    • Awww, thanks for the awesome comments! Momma was definitely a style icon, a big reason why I’m currently obsessed with fashion…

      Ivana, I’ll get around to tracking down and posting more mom photos one of these days… thanks for checking in!

  3. I have seen lots of these pics before but just wanted to point out that your mom was a knockout! I have always been obsessed with 70’s fashion and these photos prove why. I’m waiting for them to come back! When they do I’ll bring out my mildly gerying Jewfro! haha….Good Job as always Smuggs!

  4. Kori said:

    The 1st pic of your mom is so beautiful!! I’m saving it and putting in my inspiration page!!!

    • Thanks Kori, I’m glad to see that my mom inspires others 🙂

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