NYPress cover shoot: The Undead of Summer

Iron Fist t-shirt. Halter dress from VampireFreaks. Photos: Mike Fernandez.

Hello everyone. It’s been a minute, but I’m back! I’ve been consumed with projects, in particular organizing/art directing/styling a confidential assignment. Now, the secret’s out: the New York Press Summer Guide has hit the streets!

Theme for the New York Press Summer Guide issue: ZOMBIES!! We tweaked the expression “The Dead of Summer” and made it “The Undead of Summer.” The idea, to have zombies running around, doing summer-type activities in NYC. It turned out to be one hell of a crazy, hectic, adventurous undertaking!

The Look: Glam, goth, punk, B-horror movie-inspired.

After our models spent a few hours in makeup and wardrobe, the crew devoted an afternoon to documenting our zombies’ exploits in the city, from Soho to the Meatpacking District.

The Zombie Cast:

Dina Sheyn, Kelly Hartie and Alexander Dong.

Here are some memorable outtakes from the photo shoot:

First stop, Housing Works Bookstore Cafe.

(Left, on Dina) Tripp NYC cut-out top and skirt;
(on Alex) “Death Row” black shirt from VampireFreaks, chain from Tripp NYC.

(on Alex) H&M hat.

Zombies sunbathe?? At the High Line. (On Dina and Kelly) Tripp NYC swimsuit and bikini top.
(On Alex) black shirt from VampireFreaks, Iron Fist zombie swim trunks.

Gimme that ice cream cone NOW… grRRRRrrrr! (Left, on Dina): Iron Fist tank top.


A cover contender:This fantastically gory photo was also considered for the cover. However, once the cover dimensions
changed (cover ad sold), the cropping didn’t work for the new, squarish dimensions.

The actual cover:

Zombie unicorn dress from VampireFreaks.

The Summer Guide interior layouts:

Click here to check out New York Press Summer Guide listings online.


Want to see the nuttiness that went on during the photo shoot?? Here are some behind-the-scenes video footage and photos by Garrett Bowser:

Make up artist Matthew Stetson creating Kelly’s zombie look with Kryolan make up.Zombies on the subway!Zombie Dina breaking rules by smiling and getting acrobatic!

These shoes are hot! A close-up shot of the Iron Fist wolf beater heels in the photo above.

Me art directing the scene while Mike snaps away.

Cool zombie wheat paste art we found in Soho that we used as a backdrop for some shots.

Digging through my wardrobe/props suitcase.

Mike contemplating his next move.

A quick wardrobe change in the middle of High Line park!

We ended our photoshoot with a scene at The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck,
which was parked in the midst of The New York Bear Fair.

Wardrobe, courtesy of ironfistclothing.com, trippnyc.com, vampirefreaks.com

Art Director/Stylist/Graphic Designer: me
Photographer: Mike Fernandez
Make up Artist: Matthew Stetson
Airbrush Make up: Adolfaux
Behind-the-scenes photos/video:
Garrett Bowser

Alexander Dong
Kelly Hartie
Dina Sheyn

Shoutout to Beegi for being supportive and helping out.

Thanks to everyone involved for making this happen!

  1. wow this is so out of the box, it must have been hilarious to watch people’s reactions; and yes those heels are very hot!

    True Queen

  2. ant c said:

    wow! some really cool stuff Wen! was this for your job? super shoot all around 🙂

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