Piace top, H&M black tank, nOir black-and-white stacked ring, Hurley shorts,
bracelet from Rainbow, Forever 21 clutch bag, Deena & Ozzy cut-out wedges.

The city is a racetrack and I am often in transit… on my way to work, class, to meet clients, friends, check out exhibits, shows and parties. Sometimes, I don’t get home until late, so I carry a day’s worth of essentials with me. It really helps when I find items that make my life easier. 

A great gadget to have: the Mytagalongs purse hook. Small and compact, it keeps my purse off the ground and close at hand; perfect for a germaphobe like me!

Comes in a funky print and matching pouch! Purse hook-er, courtesy of Mytagalongs.


I love rocking sexy heels and wedges, but by the end of the day, my feet are killing me!
A quick remedy: kushyfoot Flats to Go. Utilitarian, yet sleek, a faux patent leather
ballet flats style. You unroll them and pull them on; your feet will thank you!

Very convenient; just stash them in your purse and go! Flats to Go, courtesy of kushyfoot.

Photos: Beegi + me

*Items road tested and approved by shonshon8

  1. ChingYi Au said:


    These are definitely useful on the go items, I have yet to try the kushy flats but I have been thinking about it!

  2. MSoriano said:

    You are the cutest On-the-Go girl I know! I agree with ChingYi, I’ll definitely have to try the Kushy Flats too. Every girl in the city should have a pair!

  3. Awesome post, Wendy! I could definitely use a pair of those flats!! I love those shoes you have on! They are a bit of an optical illusion, I can’t tell how high or low the wedge heel is. It seems totally flat but it also seems like it could be a couple inch wedge..which is it? lol They’re awesome. Great photos and information, as always!

    • Thanks for the lovely comments ladies! Jillian, I get a lot of mileage out of those 3-inch wedges, but alas, they’re still heels; at the end of the day, I’m ready to crawl home! Seriously, the flats are a godsend for city girls.

  4. Tiffani barbour said:

    You never cease to amaze me on the stuff you find. And it’s usually fashionable yet practical which is why I’m a huge fan of your blog. That tagalong purse holder is genius and my feet are always up for comfort after a day in heels. Nice to see there’s other options besides flip flops.

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