the future is NOW… at the creators project

Radical Friend’s installation The Digital Flesh: Getting my 3-D image scanned and my likeness added to a giant digital being created from 3-D scans of people around the world.


I’ve seen the future of art and it is… MINDBLOWING… pure, joyful sensory overload…

This past weekend, Intel and Vice partnered to bring the creators project to NYC, a multimedia event that embraces technology, internet, video and sound as mediums to create an interactive art experience.

Here is a photo essay that hightlights my personal experience at this spellbinding event.

NOTE: I didn’t bring my DSLR, just a point-and-shoot, which actually worked out nicely; the resulting images have a soft, dream-like quality to them.

Muti Randolph’s Deep Screen, a “3D cubic video display made of 6,144 animated light spheres that hang like beaded curtains.”
The spheres project light and sound depending on each individual’s interaction within the space.

My friend Minnie lying under the spheres of light…


Takeshi Murata’s Melter 2. Large liquid vinyl paintings based on video animation. I love the organic shapes and vibrant colors. Click here and also here to see the videos.

MOS’s Rainbow Vomit, a digital, interactive, computational heap of building blocks in a constant state of near collapse. By moving the black foam block you can control the projections upon the chaotic landscape.


Yo-landi Vi$$er from Die Antwoord.

In addition to the exhibitions, there were also discussion panels, a charming robot film short, I’m Here by Spike Jonze and bands, bands, bands! I got to catch The Rapture and Sleigh Bells, but my favorite performance of the night was Die Antwoord; their first live show in New York! Described as “next level rap-rave,” this was one of the craziest sets I’ve caught in a while. The crowd was going insane, stomping and crushing against the stage! I love their style, particularly Yo-landi Vi$$er’s look. She’s sporting a wickedly adorable haircut and is cute as hell! If you haven’t checked out these viral internet sensations from South Africa, watch
their antics here.


Overall, an incredible experience… I love that the roles of artist, designer, musician, architect were blurred in the quest to create. Why pigeonhole yourself and limit your choice of mediums when there are infinite creative possibilities and collaborations out there??

Don’t miss out; the creators project will be hosting a series of events around the world. If you have the opportunity to catch this event in London, Sao Paulo, Seoul, or Beijing, register and go!

Photos: Minnie Ko, me


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