revisiting the classics: Out of Print tees

I’m a sucker for typography, so naturally, I was drawn to the luscious, red Lolita typeface on this t-shirt. Not to mention,
Vladimir Nabakov’s Lolita is certainly a controversial, titillating read. If you’re a fan of the classics or have nostalgia for
vintage book cover art, Out of Print clothing has a line of tees that feature iconic, out-of-print book covers. If that isn’t
already cool in my book, Out of Print is working to spread reading to other parts of the world that don’t have
access to books. For each t-shirt purchased, one book is donated to a community in need through their partners,
Books for Africa
. Look stylish and make a difference! Here I am rocking my Lolita summer look…

T-shirt, courtesy of Out of Print, Target sunglasses, H&M sunglasses chain, DKNY jean shorts,
vintage purse, lucite bracelets from Junk, Jeffrey Campbell strappy shoes.

Rockin’ the grandma bling aesthetic.

This monstrous rig was sitting outside my building for weeks!


A more subdued, bookish style…

T-shirt, courtesy of Out of Print, H&M cardigan, glasses (Amanda’s), H&M sunglasses chain, AKDMKS capri jeans,
vintage Etienne Aigner belt, Harajuku Lovers purse, bracelet from Rainbow, H&M leopard print flats.


Beegi at the Brooklyn public library in Ayn Rand’s classic Atlas Shrugged tee, courtesy of Out of Print.

A portion of the photos were shot at Mike and Amanda‘s apartment, where they have a mischievous beagle named Honey.
Miss Honey is an absolute diva and wanted to be part of everything, including the photo shoot. So when we toyed with a
lollipop as a prop, she jumped up and licked it too! The lollipop concept didn’t make the cut, but this photo is pretty damn cute.

Photos: Beegi + me

Thanks to Mike and Amanda for a fun afternoon of showing us around your hood!

  1. What a great way to make the most of that monstrous rig, made a wonderful backdrop. Tasty Lucite bracelets from Junk. Miss honey how adorable is that snap.

    You have a thrilling blog, thanks for stopping by!

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