We’re not in the city anymore…

Me holding Nacho, the baby goat. He got a little antsy after a few minutes!
Sunglasses, from Hot Topic. Old Navy bikini. American Apparel nail lacquer in Malibu Green.


Ok, so I haven’t been posting regularly. It’s summertime and I deserve to be lazy and enjoy life, dammit! After slaving away in the spring and a portion of this summer, I took a step back and realized that life is not all about work. Since then, I’ve been spending more time enjoying the hot weather, hitting outdoor concerts and trekking out to Rockaway and Brighton Beach.

This past weekend, Beegi and I got the chance to escape the city and head upstate to the Catskills. Our friends Stu and Hilary hosted “Stupalooza,” Stu’s annual birthday bash at their vacation home in the Catskills. We spent our weekend lazing by the pool, lounging in the hot tub, drinking margaritas and bloody marys, playing paintball, pigging out on BBQ and playing with Nacho the baby goat. At night when the temperature dipped down to 50 degrees (F), we’d sit by the campfire and roast hotdogs, Charlie Brown-style. The mountain air and weather was amazing; I returned to the city feeling refreshed and well-rested. A much-needed vacation!

Yes, I am getting back to fashion posts this week; I know it’s been a while. In the meantime, “postcard moments” from Stupalooza… After all, fashion isn’t just about what you wear; it encompasses your life…

Stu, our birthday boy! The blue blob is a balloon, which he popped in lieu of candles.
{photo courtesy of Hilary Thornburgh Nicolai}

Cameron (left) and Beegi rocking my H&M sunglasses.

The Stupalooza gang! {photo courtesy of HTN}

Our lovely co-host, Hilary. {photo courtesy of HTN}

{photo courtesy of HTN}

Every party needs a little Nacho!

Time for some paintball!

My first time playing painball paintball and I got nailed in the head.

Some much-needed rest and relaxation. (On me) tank top courtesy of Iron Fist.
{photo courtesy of HTN}

unless noted, photos by: Steven “Beegi” Halpern + me

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  1. Tiffani barbour said:

    Oh nacho…! Boy that paintball session looks hardcore

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