Billabong Designer’s Closet dress, Guess purse, Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

Hey, check me out in my new… no, I am not rich enough to own (or rent) a lamborghini, not even close! There was a house party in my neighborhood and I found this hot, yellow sports car parked on my street. The owner was kind enough to let us snap some photos with his fancy ride. Talk about the ultimate accessory!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend… I woke up at 9AM this morning and freaked out, thinking I was late for work. Then, to my relief, I realized it’s Sunday and I have one more day to myself. YES… I live for my weekends, which usually include Bloody Marys. Also, catching up on my new addiction, Showtime’s Weeds. I just finished Season 3 and the plot, not to mention, the characters are crazy; Celia Hodes is such a bitch!

What weekend rituals do you look forward to?

photos: Beegi

  1. david said:

    That is awesome, lambo and animal print goes together like peanut butter and jelly.

  2. Shea said:

    Wendy, I know you’re my age, so why do you look 2 decades younger!? Love the car and your dress. Can you come shop for me?

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