FNOnyc moments…

Fashion’s Night Out party at United Nude on Bond Street. Beautifully sculpted shoes in amazing geometric shapes and patterns.

Me with my lovely friends Ellen (left) and Jen (right).

Stylistas One-Half Nelson, Erickatoure Aviance and Colby, blogger for Modern Addiction.

This fashionable guy came prepared: His sunglasses fell and broke as he posed for the camera, but he said “Don’t worry, I got another pair” and whipped these out without missing a beat!


Earlier in the evening:

Beegi made me take this silly photo with live models at an Abercrombie and Fitch storefront; I’m slightly mortified… Rodarte for Target ribcage dress.

Live storefront mannequins at a 5th Avenue Boutique.

A visit to the Diesel party on 5th Avenue where Humblaya was djing .

It was pure chaos in NYC during the 2nd Annual Fashion’s Night Out! There were tons of people milling about and ridiculous lines everywhere. In some places, as my friend Ellen described it, “it looks like The Hills at Halloween!”¬† My highlights of the evening included hitting the Paper magazine-sponsored United Nude party where I drooled over their gorgeous footwear and the Patricia Field party where we shopped, danced and caught a glimpse of Amanda Lepore as we floated out.

We ended the night by having some amazing Italian food at Lil’ Frankie’s on 1st Avenue in the East Village. Their garlic bread was heaven and the porkbelly pizza was fantastic; a great way to polish off our crazy evening.

photos: Beegi

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  1. Ha! what a grotesque picture of me!!!! I’m still flattered to be up in there! is was great to be a part of your night briefly and I dropped some pendulum just for you. Those shoes look AMAZING. Great job as always….

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