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Part of shonshon8 blog’s mission is to profile artists and designers whose work I admire. That said, I’d like to introduce to you to illustrator/typographer/designer Ana Benaroya!

Recently, I collaborated with Ana on a special project for the New York Press. What drew me to Ana’s work is her hand-drawn typography, charming illustration style and vibrant use of colors. There’s something about her art that gives off a fun, energetic vibe and her type drawings visually describe the word or phrase she’s rendering to a T.

Let’s learn more about the artist behind the work; here’s a Q&A I did with Ana:

1. How long have you been drawing and creating art? When was the pivotal moment when you decided you wanted to do this professionally?

I’ve been drawing and making artwork since I was a little baby (cliche, I know, but it’s true!).  There was never really a pivotal moment when I decided I wanted to pursue this professionally; it just kinda was! I guess I’m lucky I always knew what I wanted to do. So the struggle was (and still is) making that a reality.

2. I noticed that you do a lot of illustrations involving hair, which I love! How did this style evolve?

A long time ago (well, not too long), I was very much into cross-hatching, obsessively so. Eventually I fell out of that and my desire to draw lots of little lines started expressing itself in hair. I enjoy that I can render hair and create movement and excitement in a composition, all with just a bunch of lines. I think hair can define the personality and character of an individual—and I enjoy experimenting with new hair styles. Also, I secretly wish I could grow facial hair… I would have so much fun experimenting with different sorts of beards and mustaches.

3. What is the most unusual project you’ve done so far? Can you describe your experience?  

The most unusual project I’ve done so far was design a pair of socks. It was an amazing experience because I love socks and own a wide variety. I tried to think of the design in a sculptural way, since it would eventually wrap around someone’s foot. And (not surprisingly), I ended up designing what I call “beard socks.” Each sock has the head of a man with an extraordinarily long beard, which made up most of the body of the sock.

4. Who and what inspires you? 

The strange and bizarre inspire me, whether it’s a funny old man I pass on the street or a terrible commercial for a law firm on daytime television. I enjoy seeing the ridiculousness of life, finding humor in everyday things and I try to translate that into my work. Of course, I also look at other artists’ work—some of my favorites include: Michelangelo, Jillian Tamaki, Ray Fenwick, Seripop and Tom of Finland.

5. What advice can you give to aspiring artists on how to make it professionally as an illustrator?  

Hmmm, well all I can say is you are your own best agent! No one will work harder than you to promote yourself and put your work out there. I am still learning many things, but the one thing I know for sure is this job is not for the lazy!

6. Tell us an interesting, random fact about you!

I am obsessed with muscular men, but not attracted to them.

It’s Ana!
For the New York Press Best of Manhattan and Beyond 2010 issue, Ana was asked to create a cover that embodies a celebratory city vibe, plus come up with four interior illustrations that describe these categories: City Living, City Services, Eats & Drinks and Arts and Entertainment. Here are the wondrous results:

All featured artwork by Ana Benaroya. To see more of Ana Benaroya’s work, go to

Dealers of the Purple Cloth t-shirt, nOir ring.

My purple tee couldn’t say it any better: HATER REPELLENT.

I wore purple yesterday as a collective statement for Spirit Day, in memory of “the LGBT youth who have committed suicide in recent weeks/months due to homophobic abuse in their homes and schools.” The two groups that organized and raised awareness for this worldwide event:

Spirit Day Facebook group

It’s ridiculous that a person who’s perceived as “different” is subject to taunting and discrimination. Totally unacceptable in our modern culture. While it’s terribly sad that these young gay men took their lives, now is the time to acknowledge this issue and start the healing and educational process.

Here’s a popular video series where peers let young gay men and women know they are not alone and things will get better.

In general, whether it has to do with race, sexual orientation, disabilities, etc., we don’t need any more haters… In my book, it’s all about self-awareness, respect, and human decency. Treat others the way you want to be treated…

A couple of weeks ago, Skunkfunk NYC threw a party for their 2010 fall/winter collection. Now it’s time for the west coast Skunkfunk crew to get down! My friends at Skunkfunk SF and Slayers Club are throwing a bash this Friday, October 22 at Public Works. Fashion showcase, swag bags, a big lineup of DJs, serious beats to dance to; sounds epic! My good friend Howong, a.k.a. Allofitnow!, will be VJing and providing insane visuals, along with other legendary artists. This is the party to go to; don’t miss out if you’re in the Bay area.

Ah San Francisco, I miss you… if I could be there, I’d definitely be hitting this party…

For more details and to RSVP, check out the Skunkfunk San Francisco facebook page.


P.S. Here is a preview photo for an upcoming post where I am wearing Skunkfunk tights. Stay tuned…

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