Halloween 2010: nerd chic

Urban Ouffitters hat and bowtie, H&M cardigan and blouse, Necessary Objects handbag, Janette pencil skirt, socks from street vendor, JUMP shoes. Glasses, teeth and wig from a $19.99 nerd kit.

Yes, nerds do party. Photo by Jen Ferland.

Hanging out with my vampy friend Jen.

Yep, it’s what you think it is. Me posing with Beegi in his costume.


For Halloween, it’s all or nothing for me; I either go crazy with my costume or I don’t dress up at all. I don’t do half-assed. This year, I decided to go as an eccentric, nerdy librarian.

After going to the costume shop and getting annoyed that most of the women’s selections were slutty, I decided to go the unsexy route. Don’t get me wrong… I think sexy is great, but I don’t like retail dictating that I only have these skimpy, cheesy, uninspiring choices.

Anyway, I prefer putting together my own costume over buying something pre-packaged; it’s more fun and creative that way. Sans wig, glasses, bad teeth and garish green eye shadow, this could be an interesting outfit, don’t you think??

Unless noted, photos: Beegi

  1. Ann said:

    that is too funny… loves it and the giant penis is sooo funny =p that is what real halloween should be about.

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