Happy Birthday: shonshon8 {the tastemaker} turns 1!

A year ago, I started shonshon8 to express my love for fashion, share design that excites me and use the blog as an experimental creative platform. At first, it was a challenging project—though I can be outspoken and passionate, I am also an introverted, shy and private person by nature. The thought of putting my photos online was actually terrifying! However, through blogging, I’ve learned to be more open about who I am, not to mention, having complete, artistic freedom is the ultimate dream!

In celebration of my 1 year blog anniversary, here are my top 8 fashion posts.

1. My first post ever!

2. Impromptu photo shoot using my IKEA wardrobe as a backdrop.

3. I really LOVE this vintage leopard print hood.

4. Chinese New Year’s post featuring Miss X, a dynamic jewelry and cosmetics line.

5. Guess what?? I can be a bit of a tomboy.

6. Spring makes me daydream…

7. This outfit makes me feel invincible.

8. I don’t miss out on opportunities to sit in a Lamborghini. Would you?

Fashion post photos: Beegi


Here are also 4 of my favorite random posts:

Adventures in Lake Tahoe.

A tribute to my amazing mom—the original style icon—on Mother’s Day.

Behind-the-scenes footage of a zombie photo shoot I art directed for New York Press.

A fun day of music at Govenor’s Island. Pictured here: Yo-landi Vi$$er from Die Antwoord.


A year later, blogging continues to be a big passion of mine. That said, I don’t always have as much time as I’d like to post new content! Sometimes I post more, other times my work (I’m an art director and stylist) keeps me up until 4 in the morning, so I have to put it on the backburner. But I appreciate you readers checking back and I’m always active on facebook and twitter. Let’s just say I’m currently finetuning my life so I can focus on what I REALLY want to do; eventually there will be more time for blogging.

P.S. For my blog’s birthday, it would be a fantastic gift if you could let friends know about shonshon8.wordpress.com. Feel free to use any of those share buttons below. 😉

Fellow bloggers, please leave your blog link in the comments section; if I haven’t already seen your blog, I’d love to check it out. Let’s start a dialogue. Thanks!


  1. lisa said:

    just found your blog. you’ve got great style. love those printed jeans.

  2. Again I’ll say…Happy Belated Birthday shoshon!!! good choices wEn, keep up the dope work love it!! Congratulations

  3. Beegi said:

    Great picks,, some of the best times of last year! Your style always keeps me inspired

  4. Thanks for everyone’s positive feedback and support! Definitely planning to post more fun, innovative and stylish content; check back!

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