Laundry Day

Merme the Butt comes by to wreak havoc while we’re snapping away.

JNBY hooded top (denim blue), Cemasi hooded sweater (khaki), t-shirt hoody courtesy of Threadless Selects,
H&M ring, Diesel bag, BDG belt, Hydraulic jeans, Wanted boots.

At times, inspiration comes from necessity. This outfit came about because I had a monstrous pile of laundry that I needed to drop off at the laundromat. After having a semi-dramatic “I don’t have anything to wear” moment, I threw together a mix of clothing that I wouldn’t typically wear together. As a result, here’s an eclectic, layered, new look. Chic, yet comfortable and cozy too; I’m wearing three hoodies!

Speaking of hoodies, I finally got to wear my Threadless Select hoody tee with “Birds of a Feather” design by Ross Zietz. I’m already a fan of, an online t-shirt shop where artists submit their designs, people vote and the winning designs are selected for printing and sold. Now Threadless has a new line, Threadless Select, where Threadless curates art from a selection of previous winners and there’s more options in the use of colors, fabrics and shirt styles. The shirts are “printed with water-based inks on finer cotton, to be sofer and eco-friendlier.” I love sites that encourage an artistic community.

The JNBY piece was another item I bought from a trip to China in October. JNBY originated in Hangzhou, which is my brother’s wife’s hometown. I love their modern, sculptural, deconstructed silhouettes, so when I was in Hangzhou, I kind of went crazy and splurged there. You’ll see more JNBY pieces integrated in upcoming posts.

Photos: Beegi

1 comment
  1. liz said:

    The best kind of outfits come out of necessity. I’ve passed through Hangzhou while I was in China, going to Shanghai , but unfortunately did not get to stop and shop, sad.

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