The Tempest

My industrial “backyard” in Bushwick. Further proving my insanity by shedding layers.

Michael Kors studded earmuff, Kira Plastinina jacket, scarf c/o FRAAS,
Say What? top, Izod gloves, Highway jeans, Forever 21 wingtip shoes.


“Major Winter Storm Hits Northeast”


These were some of the headlines I read when checking the weather websites Sunday morning, yet… I don’t know what possessed us, either the crazy weather was inspiring or we’re insane, but Beegi and I decided to do a photo shoot in the midst of a chaotic BLIZZARD, with high gusts of wind flinging snow in our faces and numbing our limbs. Not exactly a peaceful winter wonderland, but certainly an interesting (and freezing) experience!

I’m wearing my favorite winter items of the moment: my studded earmuffs, my silver puffer that everyone describes as that “crazy spaceman jacket” and my funky yellow scarf that FRAAS sent me. Aside from being a fan of anything houndstooth and loving the shirring detail in the center, what’s notable about this neckwrap is it’s made of a material called Cashmink(R), an exclusive acrylic that is finer than cashmere, but at a fraction of the price ($30-40). Also comes in a variety of colors, patterns and styles. I’m all for splurging on quality product, but sometimes you can be stylish without sacrificing your wallet.

By the time the blizzard tapered off, NY was buried in nearly 2 feet of snow… Fun to look at, but admittedly tough to trudge through. For a city that never stops, the snow messed up subway lines, several businesses were closed and a lot of travelers were stranded. But I still made it to work on Monday!

Photos: Beegi + me (snow photos)

P.S. Notice anything new with my hair? I actually did this a few weeks ago, but haven’t posted; I have blond pieces now!

  1. Tiffani barbour said:

    Yes!!!!! I love these photos, way to capture the blizzard, with a fashion sense! Really loving the silver wingtips. And yes I noticed the blonde tips…dynamite!

    • Thanks for your support Tiff! Naturally, you rock!

  2. Kate said:

    This outfit, first of all, is fabulous! And then these pictures are great to boot! You have a new follower.

    Hint: It’s me.

    • Thanks Kate for your awesome comments and becoming a new follower! My posts may be a bit sporadic lately because I’ve just made a big career transition, but please stay tuned. I hope to deliver some dynamic and creative content in the near future. Cheers!

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