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Due to shitty ass weather (a random NY snowstorm in October?!), we are postponing The “I HAVE TOO MUCH SH*T” Sale that was originally planned for today, October 30. 

After doing a quick walk around the block in my pajamas and rain boots, I’ve concluded it’s too cold and icy outside for people to have a fun, enjoyable shopping experience. Damn you weather gods! >_<

Please stay tuned for rescheduling details in the near future; I still have a ton of shit that needs to be reckoned with!

New Yorkers, Brooklynites: my friend Jill and I are having an impromptu sale this Sunday. This flyer is designed to tag at local spots in Bushwick (my hood), but here’s more on the location and how to get there:

• L train to Brooklyn, back of train
• get off at Morgan Avenue stop
• Bogart Street exit
• walk a couple blocks on Bogart Street
(a block away, Brooklyn Natural will be to your right)
• intersection of Moore Street & Bogart Street


Sizes available:

SHOES-7-8.5, though there are a few size 6s and 9s
CLOTHING-0-9, XS-L. Designer stuff, basics, unique items, vintage, random…
(if you haven’t figured out your Halloween costume yet, you can cobble something together here)

Seriously, I have TONS of shit, some never worn with price tags still attached! I am long past due for a closet overhaul. Here’s a quick photo to give you an idea; I have 20+ pairs of awesome shoes to sell! There will also be a great selection of clothing and accessories. Come by if you’re in the Brooklyn area and want to score some major swag!

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