Hi, this is wEn…Brooklyn-based art director, fashion stylist, TASTEMAKER!…I am always on the prowl for unique style and interesting trends…check in regularly as I showcase my personal style and curate a collection of amazing items in fashion, art, graphics, product design, etc…I will also be commenting on anything that inspires/irks/mortifies/excites me.

Why shonshon8, you ask? “Shonshon” is a phonetic spelling for bear in Mandarin, a slang term that my brother and I use to describe all things cute and supercool. 8 is a lucky number for me, so there you have it, shonshon8!

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  1. Sooooo cute wen. And you look hot!!!! I will def be checking in on this for my style needs even though you live next door.

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