Hey everyone. It’s time to announce the winners of Emilio’s Pocket Giveaway contest! The winners with the best “worst/weirdest gifts” answers are…

** Leebs, whose friends gave him a “model hand sex toy of a famous porn star in Japan that was known for his finger strength” and had to explain his way through customs at the airport. Ok, WHOA :X

** Hilary, who was lucky enough to get a “navy polyester button down with mushrooms all over it” from an old ex-boyfriend, only to have it resurface recently on myspace with him wearing it!! Indian giver and/or cross-dresser??

And, just for the sheer creepy factor, I felt the need to pick a THIRD winner, which goes to…

** Diane, who was given a “hair doll, made of real human hair.” Aaaaaghhhhhh!! The horror!

WOW… Things that make you go HMMMMMMMM…

Leebs will receive the pocket (though I don’t know that it’s large enough to fit that strange toy), Diane gets a pocket too and Miss Hilary is getting the sandwich pin!

A BIG THANKS to Emilio Santoyo for his wonderful prizes. Check out his online store for fun and original stuff that would actually make cool gifts. Also, thanks to everyone who participated and showed their support.

Tune in, as I plan to go back to my regularly scheduled postings this week!

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