Gestuz Textured Leather Cut Out Dress, available at ASOS.

This dress has me FLOORED; I love it! That said, oh why oh WHY is the price tag so steep?? The only way I can justify $465.45 is if I wear it daily, go to meetings, throw on some sneakers and run errands in it. This style is a perfect combination of my current obsessions: leather + cutout details. So chic, modern and sexy.


SO… I guess that dress pulled me out of a long hiatus! A short update: I’ve been building my business as an art director/graphic designer, pulling in new clients, juggling deadlines, driving myself nuts. Honestly, I don’t have much of a social life at the moment. But I’m happy to say that I landed a potentially big client this week! Perhaps the dress isn’t so far out of my reach, if I continue to hustle… ;P

Urban Ouffitters hat and bowtie, H&M cardigan and blouse, Necessary Objects handbag, Janette pencil skirt, socks from street vendor, JUMP shoes. Glasses, teeth and wig from a $19.99 nerd kit.

Yes, nerds do party. Photo by Jen Ferland.

Hanging out with my vampy friend Jen.

Yep, it’s what you think it is. Me posing with Beegi in his costume.


For Halloween, it’s all or nothing for me; I either go crazy with my costume or I don’t dress up at all. I don’t do half-assed. This year, I decided to go as an eccentric, nerdy librarian.

After going to the costume shop and getting annoyed that most of the women’s selections were slutty, I decided to go the unsexy route. Don’t get me wrong… I think sexy is great, but I don’t like retail dictating that I only have these skimpy, cheesy, uninspiring choices.

Anyway, I prefer putting together my own costume over buying something pre-packaged; it’s more fun and creative that way. Sans wig, glasses, bad teeth and garish green eye shadow, this could be an interesting outfit, don’t you think??

Unless noted, photos: Beegi

A couple of weeks ago, Skunkfunk NYC threw a party for their 2010 fall/winter collection. Now it’s time for the west coast Skunkfunk crew to get down! My friends at Skunkfunk SF and Slayers Club are throwing a bash this Friday, October 22 at Public Works. Fashion showcase, swag bags, a big lineup of DJs, serious beats to dance to; sounds epic! My good friend Howong, a.k.a. Allofitnow!, will be VJing and providing insane visuals, along with other legendary artists. This is the party to go to; don’t miss out if you’re in the Bay area.

Ah San Francisco, I miss you… if I could be there, I’d definitely be hitting this party…

For more details and to RSVP, check out the Skunkfunk San Francisco facebook page.


P.S. Here is a preview photo for an upcoming post where I am wearing Skunkfunk tights. Stay tuned…

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