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nOir earrings (new)

Quay cat-eye round lens sunglasses (new)

Just putting up photos of some of the accessories for sale at The “I HAVE TOO MUCH SH*T” Sale. Ok, back to sorting through my mountain of items and prepping for the sale… Tomorrow in Bushwick, from noon-6pm!


Hi everyone… If you’re in the NYC/Brooklyn area, The “I HAVE TOO MUCH SH*T” Sale is rescheduled for this Sunday, November 6, from 12-6pm. (provided there’s no freak snowstorm; as of now, sunny 55 degrees)

We’re in Bushwick. Here’s more on the location and how to get there:

• L train to Brooklyn, back of train
• get off at Morgan Avenue stop
• Bogart Street exit
• walk a couple blocks on Bogart Street
(a block away, Brooklyn Natural will be to your right)
• intersection of Moore Street & Bogart Street


Sizes available:

SHOES-7-8.5, though there are a few size 6s, 6.5s and 9s
CLOTHING-0-9, XS-L. Designer stuff, basics, unique items, vintage, random…

Since this sale was delayed a week, I managed to dig up MORE shit; lucky you! Come by if you’re in the Brooklyn area. Here’s a photo of one of MANY things my friend Jill and I will be selling: brand new Iron Fist pumps with HOT PINK SEQUIN SKULLS, in size 6 & 7.

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